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Upgrade Your Air Conditioner Before It Heats Up

With the recent cold spell we’ve had your air conditioner is likely the last thing on your mind. But before you know it, sweltering temperatures will return and you’ll want to be prepared for when they do. If you’re looking to upgrade your air conditioning unit, call R&R Refrigeration. We have all the latest makes and models and customer service that can’t be beat. Call us today at 602-942-8996 or visit us online: 



Learn About the New 2015 Energy Efficiency Standards & What They Mean For Your AC

HVAC installation Surprise AZ  R&R Refrigeration

Are you thinking about looking into a more energy & cost efficient air conditioner this year? You really should be. New SEER standards are now in place! 

If you’re in the Surprise, Arizona area and are thinking of investing in a new split unit system this year, contact R&R Refrigeration today

What Can a Nest Thermostat Do For Your Home?

Nest can revolutionize your entire house. Wondering how? Read on to learn about a much smarter home. 

If you are ready to get started, contact R&R Refrigeration, certified Nest dealers in the Phoenix area. 

Experiencing An HVAC Emergency?

Your HVAC system is a lot like your plumbing, you only notice it when it’s not working correctly. When that happens you want it fixed immediately. At R&R Refrigeration we understand this, that’s why we offer Emergency Response Service. If you’re experiencing an HVAC Emergency, call us right away at 602-942-8996 or visit us online to request service: 


Choosing the Right Technician To Meet Your HVAC Needs

HVAC El Mirage AZ  R&R Refrigeration

Not sure how to select an HVAC company to help you out? You’re not alone, but these tips can help.

R & R Refrigeration is always going to be the perfect team to meet your needs. Whether you need emergency service, simple maintenance, or an entirely new system, we’re here to help. To learn more, give us a call today

Is Your Heating Working Properly?

While Arizona winters are famously mild, the recent cold spell certainly highlighted the need to have properly functioning heating for your home. If you are experiencing problems with your HVAC system or are in need of a tune-up, call R&R Refrigeration at 602-942-8996. We pride ourselves on top notch customer service with a satisfaction guarantee. Visit us online to learn more: 


Do You Know How Your Heating and Cooling System Works?

HVAC system  R&R Refrigeration

How does your heating and cooling system work? Learn a little about how it works so that you can maintain it better and so you’ll know when it’s not operating at its most efficient and you need to call for professional air conditioning maintenance.

The more informed you are, the be better protected you will be. Contact R&R Refrigeration today if you have any questions regarding your HVAC System.