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Avoid those Freezing Cold Showers: Hot water Heaters

Having your water warm is important to many people. And finding the right Hot Water Heater for you isn’t always the easiest. R & R Refrigeration makes this decision very easy. Call R and R Refrigeration today to help install your systems correctly. You can reach us today by calling (602) 942-8996 or visit out website at or more information! 

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What you should consider when looking for an HVAC repair man

A reliable repairman for your Heating and Air Conditioning is extremely important, especially for the extreme weather in Phoenix. R and R refrigeration are the HVAC experts and can help you learn more about HVAC professionals and the expectations you should have. Contact us today by calling (602) 942-8996 or visit out website at for more information!

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Installing Central Air Conditioning in Arizona

In the Arizona heat, central air is an absolute must, but what do you need to know before you have a unit installed? For instance, do you know what the SEER rating is? This quick guide can help.

You should always talk to your local air conditioning maintenance company to learn more about central air conditioning installation. Contact R&R Refrigeration today by calling (602) 942-8996 or visit out website.


Finding the right installment company for your HVAC system

Installing a new Air Conditioning and Heating system is a big decision. You want to make sure not only that the HVAC system is a good fit for you, but also that the company will install properly. R and R Refrigeration are the experts and can help you install your systems efficiently. You can reach us today by calling (602) 942-8996 or visit out website at for more information!

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Important HVAC Installation Tips

How can you get an HVAC system that’s worth every penny you paid? Good installation services.

Remember these tips when you start shopping for a new HVAC system. You’ll soon be feeling a little more comfortable with your decision!

You can reach us today by calling (602) 942-8996 or visit out website at for more information about installment companies!

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Learn The Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Have you been thinking of installing a new thermostat in your home? You should think about a smart thermostat first. Learn all the facts that you need to consider when installing a new thermostat for your house.

A smart thermostat is a smart decision! Talk to your NEST air conditioning installation professionals about getting one for your home. Get all the facts here

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Attention Seniors – Receive a 25% discount on HVAC maintenance agreements which includes two tune-ups per year, a discount on parts & labor repairs, and much more! Call R&R Refrigeration today and sign up for this limited time offer!

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