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Stay Cool with a New AC Unit

Staying cool during the summer in Phoenix can be expensive, you can keep the cost down, saving you money by following these few tips to maximize your AC’s efficiency. Learn more today by calling (602) 942-8996 or visit out website.

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We Offer Same Day AC repair!

During the heat of the summer, your day can quickly be ruined by the unwelcomed surprise of your AC going out. Don’t swelter in the heat while waiting for an HVAC repairman. At R&R Refrigeration, part of our attentiveness toward our work comes in the form of caring about timing. For this reason, we don’t want to keep you waiting in the heat and we can fix the AC for you the day it exhibits problems.

At R&R Refrigeration, we pride ourselves in our prompt service. Learn more:

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Thinking of a New AC Unit

With most AC units somewhat comparable, the real difference that separates a “good” air conditioner from a “bad” one is the air conditioner installation itself and the skill of the contractors who install them. Contact us today by calling (602) 942-8996 or visit our website for more information!

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R & R is Your Sun City HVAC Company – Learn Why Now!

Founded in 1974, R & R Refrigeration have been a family-owned business helping the greater Phoenix area for generations. What makes our services so special is, as a family-owned business, we come with a family perspective, and working with us means you become part of that family, giving you instant access to help when you need it most.

Learn more by visiting R & R today.

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Choose The Right AC Company

When choosing a company for commercial HVAC repairs, it is important to find a company that you trust. Make sure that the company can provide good references as well as being fully licensed and certified. Contact us today by calling (602) 942-8996 or visit our website for more information!

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Steps in an HVAC Maintenance Checkup

Ignoring problems will not make them go away. It only allows minor issues to become big problems. By routinely checking up on your HVAC system, you can solve the problems quickly before running into a major problem. Our maintenance checks will complement your own upkeep by checking for any leaks, measuring airflow, inspect the electricity, and other attention-to-detailed parts of your HVAC.

Learn more about how R&R Refrigeration can help:

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It’s Time To Check Your Air Filter

Over time air filters get dirty, which makes it hard for air to filter through. Regular heating and air conditioning maintenance can ensure that your units run smoothly and efficiently. If your system is not running properly, call in the professionals today. Contact us today by calling (602)942-8996 or visit our website for more information!

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