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Do You Know what a Home Energy Rating Is?

HERS is a great way to see your home’s energy consumption. It’s worth taking a moment to read up on HERS and what it means for your monthly expenses. Learn what it stands for and how to improve it now.

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R & R Same Day Repair

Arizona summers can be brutal enough without the unwanted shock AC going out. In a world on increasing speed and technology, it is only fair that your HVAC repairman works just as fast. Learn more about R&R Refrigeration’s same day services.

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R&R Refrigeration: Rental Property Customer Spotlight

Doris Robinson and her partner Bob depend on area businesses in order to upkeep their rental properties throughout the valley. With Arizona’s oppressive summer heat, dependable Heating and Air Conditioning services are absolutely essential to keeping happy tenants. Click here to learn why they rely on R&R Refrigeration Refrigeration prides itself on its quality products and service and have built a reputation of reliability among property owners utilizing their services throughout the Phoenix valley.

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Get the Best Phoenix AC

If you are in the greater Phoenix area and looking for the perfect to meet your HVAC needs, look no more. Family-owned R&R Refrigeration has been serving the community for generations. Learn more by visiting us today.

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What Causes Formicary Corrosion?

Copper + Moisture + Oxygen + Acid = Formicary Corrosion in HVAC systems. Remove any one of these elements and you eliminate the problem. Anteater MC Micro-Channel use aluminum instead of copper coils solving the corrosion equation.

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In order to prevent formicary corrosion, one of the four component elements must be eliminated. Contact R&R Refrigeration today if you are having problems with your AC unit.


A Little HVAC Maintenance Can Go A Long Way

A healthy HVAC is all about maintenance. By routinely checking up on your HVAC system, you can help prevent small issues from turning into big problems. At R&R Refrigeration, we will gladly come check to make sure everything is running efficiently. Learn more:

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HVAC Repairs in El Mirage: When is it Time to Call for Help?

Did you know that air conditioning has actually been around for centuries? For generations civilizations have been trying to escape the sweltering heat have come a long way from the early days of air conditioning. Ancient Romans to the Chinese to the modern air conditioner, we’ve been enjoying cooling technology since then.

At R & R, it is our job to know how to fix your modern HVAC system if it is not funning efficient and effectively.

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