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Don’t Become a DIY Fail

A/C repair isn’t as easy as you think and you can easily do more harm than good without even knowing. Call R&R Refrigeration, your Phoenix area experts, today and save yourself money and embarrassment.

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How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Becoming energy efficient takes some upfront costs but the benefits for you, your home and the planet are worth it in the end. Find out how R&R Refrigeration can help your home become more energy efficient.

Being more energy efficient isn’t a chore, it’s a state of being. Contact R&R Refrigeration today for more information on energy efficient HVAC systems. 

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Be Careful Who You Choose When Looking For Affordable HVAC Repair

“A wolf in sheep’s clothing” is a well known idiom used to describe a role being played contrary to their real character. We aren’t kidding ourselves that in the repair service this can happen a lot. Contact R&R Refrigeration, we’re a local family that strives for excellence in customer service.

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Arizona’s Summer Heat

Arizona’s high heat can be long and grueling. Now think about how it is on your A/C. Regular maintenance with a service agreement can help you avoid costly breakdowns. It can also ensure that your system is performing at its optimal energy output, saving you money on your bills.

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Good Idea to Get a Second Opinion on HVAC Repairs

While HVAC repairs do have a certain sense of urgency about them, but it is really a good idea to take a bit of time to hire a quality company is worth the wait. Contact R&R today to learn what we have to offer.

Contact R&R Refrigeration today for a second opinion on an HVAC quote.

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Buying the Wrong Size Central AC Unit Can Cost You

When purchasing a Central AC Unit for your home, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Aside from the square footage of your home, several other factors will help you determine which unit is right for you. For help from an experienced technician, give R&R Refrigeration a call at (602) 942-8996

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Prep Your Home for a New AC Installation

Having a new air conditioner installed can be exciting, but before the big day, there are several things you can do to help. Find out ways to help prepare your home for installation of your new ac unit.

At R&R Refrigeration, we will do what we can to make certain the installation process goes smoothly, but having you on board to help us do a few things before the big day can be very helpful. 

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