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My A/C Blowing Cold Air Outside But Warm Air Inside?

Is there anything worse than trying to save $ fixing the problem yourself only to make it worse Leave the complicated stuff for the professionals.

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Your best bet when that problem happens is to hire a quality HVAC company like R&R Refrigeration to come look at your entire A/C system. 

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Improve Your El Mirage Home’s Air Quality

Poor air quality can have a negative impact on the general health of those living or working in that area. In Arizona we have a lot of dust concerns of course, but there are many others. Learn how R&R Refrigeration can help improve your home or office’s air quality.

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What Exactly is Energy Star, and How Can It Save You Money?

Improving your home’s energy efficiency is one of the best ways to live in a clean home and have fewer uncertainties when it comes to the durability of your abode. Save money on bills, save energy. It all begins with an Energy Star. Make sure your new AC has a high rating.

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 If ever you’re looking for that next home project, start here with R&R Refrigeration.

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Choosing the Right HVAC service company

Nothing stings like getting service done and finding out a short time later, you’d been had. There are plenty of HVAC service companies in the Surprise area. Choose R&R, family owned since 1974 striving for excellence in heating, cooling and customer service.

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Do You Think Furnaces Are Necessary in Arizona?

Arizona is widely known for its hot weather, but people not from Arizona might be shocked to learn that even Arizonans sometimes have to kick on the heat from time to time.

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Staying up to date with your furnace will guarantee that your air conditioning is first class and also that you will remain comfortable when the temperatures quickly drop from their seemingly endless scorch.

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How Much Money Can I save with a Nest Thermostat?

A new thought for a new world of technology, the NEST thermostat. It learns from you what temps you like and when, then helps you save money.

The Nest Thermostat will save you around 10% on heating bills and 15% on air conditioning bills. Nest Thermostats are the new ultimate home utility, there’s no need to wait any longer to get one – Contact R&R Refrigeration today.

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Get a Tax Credit with Energy Star Appliances

You were already going to buy the Energy Star model because you care about saving money, energy and the planet, but now the government is going to give you a little money back. A little “Thanks” from Uncle Sam to you for doing your part to be more energy efficient and energy conscious.

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