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Get Efficient

Start with the heart of your home’s energy system, learn how upgrading your furnace to a high efficiency model can help you save money on bills in the long run. Put that old appliance on the curb for collection. Call R&R Refrigeration at 602-942-8996 for HVAC service in El Mirage.

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Four Ideas for Hiding Your Unsightly AC Unit

Looking for ways to naturally hide or mask the air conditioning unit in your yard? We have some useful tips. Air conditioning may be a necessity here in Arizona, but the unit doesn’t have to dominate your yard and turn it into an eyesore. Call R&R Refrigeration for all your maintenance and repair needs.


Beauty & Brains

People use technology for most things, why not in your thermostat? Ditch the old, invest in NEST. It learns your patterns and schedules. It warms when it knows your coming home and cools when it knows your gone. Of course you can adjust it from the app on your phone. R&R is a licensed retailer of the NEST

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Do You Think You Need New Ductwork?

Many homeowners probably don’t think about maintenance on home ductwork. But if your’s needs repair or replacing you could be blowing money around your home. R&R Refrigeration is your local ductwork expert. We can help you determine any problems with your system, and can provide you with the solutions to fix it. Call today to learn more about how we can help improve the air flow in your home.


Heart of the Home

If you think of the furnace as the heart of your AZ home, then wouldn’t you check on it more often. Make sure the old “ticker” is still working the way it should with nothing clogging up its paths? New or old, call R&R Refrigeration and let us give the heart of your home the care it deserves.

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Things to Consider If You Are In Need of a New Furnace

Houses require a number of large purchases, the good news is, one usually doesn’t have to make these types of purchases that often. A furnace is a major purchase, here are some tips to help make sure you buy the best. R&R Refrigeration is a family-owned business that’s been in operation since 1974. We’ve got the skilled technicians you need to make sure that your new furnace is installed properly, so call us today to get a quote! 


Furnaces in AZ!

The forgotten appliance could be the nickname for the Arizona furnace. As we all know the importance of when the heat does break and cold mornings arrive. Having both air conditioning and furnace is the optimal system ensuring energy efficiency and lower bills. If you need a new A/C have your furnace checked while professionals are there.

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