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The Importance of Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Having energy efficient appliances will lower energy consumption of your home but there are other ways to help too. Talk to your HVAC contractors at R&R Refrigeration about what an energy efficient cooling system could mean for your home.



Thermostat Freeze Out

Nothing like waking up, walking past your thermostat and noticing it’s not on…Ugh. It doesn’t mean you’re buying a new AC unit, but it might require some professional help. If simple DIY wiring check doesn’t fix it, call R&R Refrigeration in El Mirage. Our team of trained HVAC professionals can help fix or install a new thermostat for you.


Home Air Purifiers

Homes are safe havens from pollutants and outside allergens or are they? How can you can make it even cleaner? Talk to your HVAC specialists at R&R Refrigeration to see if an air purification system is right for you.


Smart Home Cooling

In Arizona we don’t often rely on our furnaces, but we can agree that our A/C is a necessity. But does it need to be running at max all day, even when you’re gone? The NEST can be programmed like a digital thermostat, but it can even learn your schedule and adjust to lower energy consumption when it knows nobody is home. Contact R&R Refrigeration for more information on a NEST system.


What is Nest and Why Should You Use it?

After you install the NEST in your home, you may find you reminisce about times when you had to walk to the thermostat and turn it up BY HAND! Nest can save on heating and cooling costs, in addition to increasing security and giving customers the peace of mind they want. Contact R&R Refrigeration today.


Heat Stroke Serious Risk

The elderly and children in Arizona are always at higher risk for heat stroke. It’s important to make sure your A/C is well maintained and ready to keep up on the hottest of days when it’s most important. Make sure you have your A/C maintained regularly if you have any elderly or children in your home.

heat stroke nov 2.png

Before Calling for HVAC Repair, Check These Possible Issues

Before you make that phone call to the professionals for help, here is a list of potential solutions you can take care of yourself. If you need help, contact R&R Refrigeration for emergency ac repair in the Phoenix area.