Monthly Archives: May 2016

Protect Your Nest

NEST technology is changing the way your home works, the way your house is heated and cooled and monitored when you are gone. It will notify you if there is an issue or you can check the app and see on your phone wherever you are. If you are ready to bring your home’s technology to the cutting edge contact R&R Refrigeration.



Are Whole Home Humidifiers Good to Have In Your House?

A whole home humidifier system can help ease dry skin and sinusitis conditions. Learn more benefits here. If you’re looking at whole home humidifiers, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you explore your options within your home and decide whether one is right for your situation. 


HighTech Home

Technology advancements are helping save energy and money all, especially in our homes. With digital and now Smart thermostats available, it’s not going to be long before the whole system is overhauled to be smaller, smarter, faster, stronger. If you want to know more about what to expect for cutting edge HVAC technology call R&R Refrigeration today.



Know the Difference Between HVAC Inspection vs.Tune-Up vs Service

Be clear when you call your HVAC professional: Inspection, Tune-up and Service have very different expectations of service required. Understanding the terms will help you tell your contractor what you really need. Many contractors offer maintenance programs that include inspections and tune-ups and give the customer a better rate or priority status for service calls. Depending on the age and condition of your system this can be well worth the cost. Each is an integral component in the overall health and maintenance of your AC system.


Hidden Gem

Not usually used to describe one’s AC unit, but maybe after following some of these tips! We all agree A/C in El Mirage Arizona is beyond important, but it doesn’t have to be the focal point in your yard. Cleverly mask it with some bushes or shrubs, Will a fence will fit around it without drawing attention to it? If you need some more suggestions let us help.


Learn About a Home Energy Audit

There is always something to learn, today you could learn where your home allows the most energy to escape from your home. After a home energy audit, your professional auditor will make suggestions about improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. He might suggest improvements like home air purifiers, a programmable thermostat, or additional insulation. Be sure that your auditor is a trusted professional and not a salesperson. Ask for recommendations from your local power company, state or local government agencies or check out the website for more information on choosing an auditor.


Spring Break

Spring Break isn’t just for tropical vacations or before the snow melts skiing. It is literally a break in the seasons between your furnace running to heat your Cave Creek home and before the summer heat running to cool your home. Make sure it’s in top working condition with a Pre-Season check up from R&R Refrigeration.