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Home Check-up

Thinking of Home Energy Audits as a annual physical is a good outlook to have. You want to make sure your home is in good health and not wasting energy, carrying the weight of old appliances, drafty windows, etc. Give your Surprise Arizona a checkup and make sure there aren’t things you can do to help the “health” of your home.



Work Smarter Not Harder

We’re sure you’ve heard this before, but did you know you can apply this to helping your furnace run. It might sound funny by simply changing out the air filters you can help it run. But if your furnace has to work harder to pull air through a dirty old filter it’s burning more energy than it needs to. Call your El Mirage HVAC specialist for a consultation.


Is my A/C to big or too small?

Like Goldilocks, it’s important to find an A/C unit that is “just right” for your home. The right size means the perfect cooling capacity for your home, so do the math first and get an AC unit that’s just right. Contact R&R Refrigeration today for more information on the best AC unit for your home.


Overused Air Condtioners

The long, hot Arizona summers can be brutal to an air conditioner. If your’s has been acting up due to prolonged use or you see signs of a potential problem it might just be a simple cleaning or fuse replacement. If you are unsure contact R&R Refrigeration today. Our experts can help diagnose the problem.

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Cleaning Our Your Home HVAC Ducts

Think cleaning your home’s air ducts is just like vacuuming the floors? Think again. Having your ducts cleaned routinely can be a huge benefit to your HVAC system, but make certain you have it done right by a team of professionals. 


Cool Factor

Literally add the cool factor to your home with these tips. Your El Mirage home gets hot in the summer, we know! Installing energy efficient appliances will obviously help cool your home and save you money but there are other smaller scale changes you can make that will also help lower energy costs.


The Real Purpose Behind Insulation

Ensuring your home has proper insulation will help keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. How can you tell if your home has enough insulation? Let us help! We’ll be happy to evaluate your home and help you decide if you have the insulation it will take to keep your home nice and cool throughout the entire Phoenix summer. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you ensure your insulation is up to par this year!