Monthly Archives: July 2016

Clean the HVAC

We are all for DIY’ers taking on home improvement tasks, but we think HVAC cleaning should be left to the professionals. You think your Dyson or ShopVac is big enough and powerful enough to clean all your duct work? What happens if you run into a problem, will you know how to troubleshoot? Call in R&R Refrigeration professional technicians to get the job done right.



Learn the Name to Know in Phoenix Commercial HVAC Repairs

Servicing commercial HVAC systems requires experience and ability to make the repairs quickly. Make sure you have a trusted service company to call, like R&R Refrigeration. We understand that different industrial processes create different challenges for your company, so if you’re looking for the right company to trust for all of your HVAC needs, look no further than R&R. We’re here to help you maintain your facility throughout the year


Size of New A/C Unit

Buying an A/C unit isn’t a regular purchase, thankfully. It’s perfectly normal to be at a loss when confronted with making this overwhelming decision. How do you know what size to buy? How is cooling load calculated? Begin by calling your Sun City HVAC Professionals at R&R Refrigeration we can walk you through the process.


Insulation Benefits

You might think insulation only is for cold months, but you’d be wrong. Just as it keeps the heat you add to the inside of your home and cold air out, it keeps warm air out in summer and the cold air you add inside. Contact R&R Refrigeration today if you think your home is in need of more insulation.


How Long Does An Air Conditioning Unit Last?

Under ideal conditions you could expect to get at least 15 years of service from newer Air conditioning units, Are you worried your air conditioner isn’t performing quite as well as it once was? Contact us today. We’ll take a look at the problem and help you deal with it.


Commercial v. Residential

A big house doesn’t necessitate buying a commercial HVAC system. Commercial systems are built differently, with different expectations. A residential HVAC are built to cool smaller areas with one or two thermostats. Our team of professionals at R&R are experienced in installing and servicing both systems.


My AC is Leaking Water

Is your air conditioner leaking water? Sometimes it’s a big repair, other times it’s just a clogged drain causing the problem. We can help no matter what. The simple fact is that many different issues could be causing the issue with your water leakage. The single best thing you can do is call us immediately. We’ll help diagnose the issue and put your home back on track immediately.