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Got Some HVAC questions? We Have Answers.

Not everyone knows how air conditioners operate or who to trust to ask questions of.  At R&R, we are happy to provide a consultation on services your AC may need. 

We hope we answered some of your HVAC questions. If you have more questions, please contact us at R&R Refrigeration today at 602- 942-8996.



Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

It can be normal, it could be a small problem, it could be a major repair. Diagnosing a puddle of water under a furnace needs to be assessed in person. Our expert technicians at R&R Refrigeration will determine the problem and work to resolve it quickly and efficiently. 


It’s Never Too Late to Get a Summer AC Tune-up

The hottest and driest climates can prove some of the harshest climates for air conditioners.  Help them run more efficiently by opting for routine maintenance check-ups . 

Schedule your summer AC tune-up today (even if you are behind a little bit) to ensure your tomorrow is cool and trouble-free – at least in regards to your air conditioning system.


Dual Zone Systems

Blasting the AC to find it doesn’t drop a degree on the 2nd level? Meanwhile you wear sweaters when downstairs. Sounds like your home could benefit from a dual zone system. To learn more on how to install one in your home call R&R Refrigeration today. 


Adjust your Thermostat During Your Vacation

When you leave your home for a vacation you need to leave your thermostat at a reasonable setting while you are away to ensure the well-being of your home and furnishings. A programmable thermostat can help. Contact R&R Refrigeration today for more information.


Why Regular Tune ups?

A regular tune up on your AC could save you a headache later.  They help us recognize any early warning signs avoiding a major repair. It will keep your warranty valid and help ensure your system has the longest life possible. R&R Refrigeration technicians are experts in their field, call us today.


Bigger not always Better

You can surmise that an A/C unit that is too small for your home wouldn’t be able to keep up with the heating & cooling demands. But erring on the side of too big isn’t going to keep your house colder for less. It will won’t have to run long to cool the home not allowing for full dehumidification. Call the professionals at R&R Refrigeration to have your home and A/C cooling load calculated.