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Central Air Conditioner Installation – What is the Cost?

What do you think? Are there hidden costs associated with getting a new AC unit that could be costing you down the road? There could be…learn more here.

To avoid an AC installation surprise when you get your bill, call a trusted HVAC service. They can consult with you and help you choose a system that meets the needs of your budget and your home.



AC Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of many appliances is increasing along with energy efficiency. But you also have to maintain them. Without proper care and cleanings you can lose 5-10 years on the life of your AC. Find out more that you can do for your HVAC and call R&R Refrigeration.


HVAC Maintenance – How to Keep Your AC from Freezing Up

Your AC wants to cool your home, it’s what it was made to do after all. But even it has some limits. Even in sunny warm Arizona, you can get ice on AC units and this can shut down your system when you need it most. Learn how not to push your AC to the brink.

Regular maintenance from certified HVAC technicians such as R&R Refrigeration in El Mirage, AZ will help you stay cool – without freezing.


Calculate Your SEER Rating

Before a major purchase you research, you read reviews, price shop for the best deal. But have you ever done the math necessary? When buying a new HVAC system calculate your SEER rating to help you determine the best system for your home and budget.


Learn How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Quick – Which is more polluted: the air outdoors or indoors? If you said indoors, you are correct! We see overworked, dirty systems constantly. Trust our 3 easy tasks to keep air quality clean in your home.

Contact R&R Refrigeration today for indoor air quality help.


How Long Do Air Conditioners Actually Last?

New advancements in AC technology is allowing units to last longer than ever. Smarter and better than ever before, these improvements are increasing the life spans of HVAC units.  If you are interested or in need of replacing an old system call R&R Refrigeration today.



Stay Ahead of the Game in Surprise with Regular AC Tune-ups

Want to be sure to stay cool? Keep your air conditioner tuned-up and in prime condition to avoid costly and inconvenient emergency AC repairs. If you need air conditioner repair in Surprise, call on professionals with a good reputation. 

You want service experts who really care about your comfort. You also want quality service at an affordable price. R&R Refrigeration is a family-owned business caring for clients’ air conditioning needs since 1974. We have a reputation you can trust.