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How to Keep Commercial AC System Working Properly

Budgets are tight these days and you area doing what you can to keep your company under budget, but your AC may be undermining your abilities to stick to that budget. Get some helpful tips on your AC now now!

Contact R&R Refrigeration for regular maintenance on the AC unit at least once a year or whenever there is a problem. This will keep your AC system in good working order, and its well worth the investment.



Does Your AC Have a Musty Smell?

This can be a sign of dangerous mildew affecting your home and the air you’re breathing. There are several things to check for, but calling R&R Refrigeration today at 602-942-8996 and scheduling an appointment with our award winning HVAC maintenance service will help you breathe easier.


How People Kept Cool Before AC

Hand held fans, ceiling fans, and electric fans were all used in an effort to keep cool. But some of the more interesting methods involved architecture, ice houses, dampened sheets and strategic landscaping. Now, luckily, with the proper maintenance of our Phoenix HVAC units we will stay nice and cool during the hot months.


Avoiding Emergency AC Repairs

HVAC units are expensive. If you are like most everyone else out there you are looking to make your AC run as long as possible, right? Thankfully, there are a few you can do to make the chance of needing an emergency repair less likely and keep your air conditioning system running efficiently.

Read our tips here and contact R&R Refrigeration if you’re in the El Mirage AZ area to schedule a maintenance checkup on your AC unit. 


Saving Your Company Money with the Right Temperature

There’s no reason to keep your office as cool when your employees are not present and a programmable thermostat will take care of this for you. Making sure you’re AC unit and the filters are clean help keep costs lower. We also recommend regular maintenance and our skilled technicians are ready to be of service. Give us a call at 602-942-8996 and find out more about how R&R Refrigeration can help you.


Why Is Your Central Air Smelling Musty?

Has your AC developed a smell? Your best bet is to learn more about the problem. If your central air smelling musty, you could have a number of different issues on your hands. Take a look at a few potential causes. 

Contact R&R Refrigeration today to learn more or to have us come out and check your AC unit.