Why Is Your Central Air Smelling Musty?

Has your AC developed a smell? Your best bet is to learn more about the problem. If your central air smelling musty, you could have a number of different issues on your hands. Take a look at a few potential causes. 

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Size Matters

Buying an AC that is too big for your home costs more upfront and you will pay more in bills for it not to cool and dehumidify your home correctly.  Bigger in this case isn’t better! Call HVAC specialists at R&R Refrigeration if you are in need of some AC install tips and recommendations on units. https://goo.gl/3Rd1LL


What People Did to Stay Cool Before Air Conditioning

Living in a pre air-conditioned society is one that is hard to imagine especially for us in the Phoenix Valley. The truth is simpler than you think – people were resourceful during the summer months, and they found creative ways to try and keep cool. Take a peek at what you might have done decades ago.

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Frozen AC Lines

Of course frozen and ice sound great on hot Arizona days, but not when it’s your AC we are referring to. Making your AC work harder or unnecessarily isn’t good for your system. We can help improve your habits and hopefully make your unit last years longer. https://goo.gl/Aa8jeM


A Little Goes a Long Way

It’s a common phrase that can be applied to all kinds of scenarios. To us a little maintenance and regular cleaning, goes a long way to improving indoor air quality. If that reminds you to have your home or business AC cleaned call the professionals at R&R Refrigeration. https://goo.gl/ci1R6g


What SEER Rating is Best and What Does It Really Mean?

In the market for a new HVAC system? You will need to know a little about SEER. So what SEER rating is best for you?

Who knew some simple math calculations were needed to decide on the new HVAC unit you purchase?

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Central Air Conditioner Installation – What is the Cost?

What do you think? Are there hidden costs associated with getting a new AC unit that could be costing you down the road? There could be…learn more here.

To avoid an AC installation surprise when you get your bill, call a trusted HVAC service. They can consult with you and help you choose a system that meets the needs of your budget and your home.